1. Cancun, Mexico - Enjoy the sun, sand, and sea in this popular beach destination. With all-inclusive resorts and affordable flights, you can have a great vacation for less than $1,000.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana - Experience the unique culture and cuisine of this vibrant city. From jazz music to Creole cooking, there's plenty to see and do in New Orleans on a budget.

3. Montreal, Canada - Explore the charming streets and historic landmarks of this French-speaking city. With affordable accommodations and plenty of free attractions, Montreal is a great choice for a budget-friendly vacation.

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4. San Juan, Puerto Rico - Discover the beauty and history of this Caribbean island without breaking the bank. With affordable flights and accommodations, you can enjoy the beaches, rainforests, and culture of San Juan for less than $1,000.

5. Austin, Texas - Experience the live music, food, and outdoor activities of this vibrant city. With plenty of free events and affordable accommodations, Austin is a great choice for a budget-friendly vacation in the United States.

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