Each Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope For May 16

When you feel like you need something in your life to fill your heart, ask the universe to help you be that to yourself.


There's a time and place for everything, and if you're only thinking with your heart, you may not be approaching love from a logical point of view.


Set a goal for a particular room in your home where you want to redecorate it so that it promotes the making of loving memories.


Write your list. Like other areas of life, a relationship requires a vision for the future. You can create one for yourself and your love life by writing down what you hope to achieve and see.


You can bring up certain subjects and plan to address them in series. You don't have to talk about every single thing at one time.


Schedule something that makes you feel good about yourself. Get a manicure


Perhaps you want to make an important life change, and you need to recall certain things from the past to do so.


The Moon in Virgo is an encouraging energy that points you to good friendships and people who want you to be happy.


Today is about finding the missing piece to your relationship where you know things need to change, and they can.


You will want to be attentive and observant of couples with successful relationships.


While not sharing now could be perceived as a hiding, you want to be discerning about how much to reveal and when you're in an existing relationship.


. It's not easy to make these types of decisions, but if you are at this crossroads in your love life, this is the time to do it.