Wednesday's Love Horoscopes Get Better For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 15

As a child, you assumed adulthood would go well. You may have known everything. After dating, you married and had 2.5 kids.

You didn't realize that life never goes as planned and that you may have to go against the grain or widen your love horizons to fully experience it.

Moon square Uranus on May 15 has three zodiac signs contemplating their lives and considering trying something new.

We've changed, and what we once hated now seems appealing. We no longer follow 'the only way to go' principles.

Something amazing will take place in your life on May 15, Gemini. For most of your life, you've known you were different, but what held you apart from the rest of the world was that you saw your difference as not necessarily all that different.

1. Gemini

While you make a good point, you're also starting to see that you are a bit stuck in your ways and that there are other things worth experiencing if only you could broaden your horizons.

2. Leo

However, you are someone who, once you find a path, does not deviate from anything.

3. Scorpio

This curiosity has you broadening your interests and expanding your horizons. OK, so it's time to deviate from the original path. You once told yourself that such a thing is not a good idea